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Ranthambore Zones

Zone No. 1
Singh Dwar being the entry point is the most important place of the respective zone. The other places where you can catch a glimpse of the Royal Bengal Tigers include most often it is T-72 (Sultan), T-39 (Noor) and T-24 (Ustad)that are seen frisking at Singh Dwar, Kala Peela Pani,Kharia and Khabli.

Zone No. 02
The main points ofthis zone are Bada Gate,Jogi Mahal, Jhalra, Phuta Kot,Nal Ghati(Kamaldhar),Amrahi,Parniya,Guda Chowki,Telan Pacheri, Further, the big cats that prowl here are T-19 (Krishna), T-20 (Jhumru), T-22 (Gayatri), T-24 (Ustad), T-39 (Noon) and T-72 (Sultan)

Zone No. 3
Doodh Baawri,Tapman Nalah,Rajbagh Lake,High Point,Padam Talab, Mandook and The striped cats that await to entice the wildlife enthusiasts at these points include T-19 (Krishna) along with her three cubs and T-28 (Star Male).

Zone No. 4
There are 15 major places in the respective zone, namely Aadi Dant,Baba Ki Gufa,Singh Dwar, Mendki De,Gular Kui, Lambi Ka Nalah, Malik Talab, Lakkad Da, Magar De, Tamba Khan,Aadi Dagar, Berda, Bhanwarde, Semli and Bhoot Khurra.It is the presence of T-6 (Romeo),T-16 (Machli),T-19 (Krishna) with three cubs,T-25 (Bhola/Dollar Male), T-28 (Star Male) andT-47 (Mr. Bond) that make these points special.

Zone No. 5
The most prominent places in Zone V are Takiya Kui,Bakola, Jokha,Singh Dwar,Kachida,Bagdah Tiraha,Tamba Khan,Dhakda,Pili Ghati,Anatpura and Gular Kui. Most often four tigers are sighted here, namely T-6 (Romeo),T-3(Bhadur), two cubs of T-17 (Sunehari) and T-25 (Bhola/Dollar Male).

Zone No. 6
This zone has 5 major points -Patwa Ki Baori,Kala Pani,Khabli, Saran Ka Pattha andSoleshwar. At these points the wildlife enthusiasts are welcomed bythe roar of T-24 (Ustad), T-34 (Kumbha), T-39 (Noor) and T-72 (Sultan).

Zone No. 7
The respective zone is bestowed withthe best four places to sight the big cats. These four places are Rajbagh Naka,Kushalipura,Chidikho and Jamoda. Like the tigers are free to mark their territories, they are also free to prance anywhere in the park, yet at these points most commonly the following big cats are seen: T-8 (Ladli) with one cub andT-34 (Kumbha).

Zone No. 08
This zone lets the visitors sight the same tigers that are marked in Zone VII, i.e., T-8 (Ladli) with one cub and T-34 (Kumbha)